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Our story

A brief history of plastic packaging

Millennia ago, civilizations like the Greeks and Romans utilized amphorae and clay pots to transport goods, pioneering early forms of reusable containers. Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution, which saw the rise of mass production and disposable packaging. Plastic itself was actually invented in Hackney Wick no other by a scientist called Alexander Parkes. Today fossil fuel companies are lobbying for the continued use of single use plastic even though we know it is harmful. In other words it is driven by SUPPLY and not DEMAND.

2020 TOPUP TRUCK is born

Driven by a desire to make plastic free shopping as easy possible, Ella has the wild idea to buy an old milk van and convert it into "the refill store that floats to your door".

Ella herself was deterred by the difficulty of fitting refill shopping into a busy work schedule and so she set about trying to ensure that every street had a place to access refill nearby.

She launched in August 2020, in the middle of the global pandemic and went onto make global news within the next few months.

2021 TOPUP TRUCK turns one, 25k pieces plastic saved

Our successful Crowdfund and support from RE:LONDON allowed us to grow our stops and invest in improving our range of refillable items and made it easier for

Ella is nominated for a GBEA Sustainability Entrepreneur award and was shortlisted in two categories in the National Recycling Awards!

2024 - 4 years on, 86k pieces plastic saved

Fast forward and we've grown a community of over 4,000 plastic free people and our truck serves over 25 stops around Hackney and Tottenham to help reduce waste. Together, we've helped save over 86,000 pieces of plastic going to landfill. New Truck Tracker and faster self checkout launched to make shopping on the truck easier and faster.

Our sourcing promises

We're serious about sourcing our ingredients in the most sustainable way for the planet and have and an ethical sourcing policy.

All our products are free from plastic packaging. We're also committed to reducing upstream plastic packaging from our suppliers into us where possible.

Read our Ethical Sourcing Policy

Convenient, can buy exactly what I need and the right amount. The use of less packaging.

– Theo, Tottenham

They fit a lot in their little truck. We've always been really impressed actually by how much they have.

– Amy, Haringey

This is what I have been waiting for - convenient zero waste shopping!

– Clare, Hackney

A sero waste, organic shop on wheels. And fair prices. Can't recommend it enough.

– Júlia, Hackney