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Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit

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This plastic-free bamboo safety razor is about to be a constant in your life. Why bamboo? It's the fastest growing plant on Earth, it's extremely sustainable, it provides sweet oxygen to our lovely planet and, well, it looks good.

Thanks for supporting us, our chosen charities and for committing to plastic-free shaving. Grow with us, shave with us... keep those shorelines clean.

What's Inside?

Premium bamboo safety razor

Natural 8 vegan-friendly shaving soap

Two packs of blades (10 in total)

A drawstring hessian travel bag

Supporting The Ocean Cleanup

Safety information

You must be 18+ to buy this product. Keep away from children. Avoid touching the blade edge with fingers. Keep the razor in the box it comes with when it is not in use. Soap: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. We advise testing on a small area of skin before full application.

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We have an ethical sourcing policy with our products being mostly organic and from local suppliers.


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