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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Honest Toil

Extra virgin olive oil solely from koroeiki olives from the Peloponnes, cold pressed and infused with a single pinch of cracked black pepper. Simple, raw, unadulterated. Acidity < 0.3%


The fresh harvest olive oil was tested in December - it's an expensive test, but more and more people seem to be using Polyphenol as a guide to quality.

The batch from the 2023 crop had a Polyphenol level of 379mg/kg - significantly above the 250mg/kg EU Regulation to be regarded as "high-polyphenol" content olive oil!

The oil is "agoureleo" (early harvest), properly cold-pressed, and solely from Koroneiki olives (the olive variety with the highest polyphenol count in the world!).  Picked before fully ripe, and pressed the same day, so all the necessities for the much-coveted high Polyphenol content :)

Liquids will come in a clean, reused jar/container for Click and Collect or Delivery orders. Alternatively please purchase an appropriately sized new bottle here for us to put your product into.

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