Indulge in our Snacks collection, featuring a tempting array of vegan sweets, chocolate almonds and savoury snacks.
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  • Vegan Sweets

    Vegan Fizzy Mix Sweets

    Regular price £1.34
  • Organic Vegan Chocolate Almonds

    Organic Vegan Chocolate Almonds

    Regular price £2.40
  • Yoghurt Coated Raisin

    Yoghurt Coated Raisin

    Regular price £1.65
  • Organic Banana Chips

    Organic Banana Chips

    Regular price £0.85
    Sold out
  • Organic M*lk Chocolate Egg Halves

    Organic M*lk Chocolate Egg Halves

    Regular price £1.50
  • Organic Crystallised Ginger

    Organic Crystallised Ginger

    Regular price £0.75
  • Sweet Chilli Fava Beans

    Sweet Chilli Fava Beans

    Regular price £1.75
  • Bombay Mix

    Bombay Mix

    Regular price £0.65
  • Salted Crisps

    Salted Crisps

    Regular price £1.90
  • Roasted Wasabi Peas

    Roasted Wasabi Peas

    Regular price £2.00